Updated Drupal to 6.11

Just updated BobbyMods to 6.11, and for the sites that I set up and manage it was an uneventful affair.

I also updated a couple of multi-site installations, and if you didn't hack core and put the themes and modules where they should go (as opposed to where-ever it works) it should be fairly easy.

In this upgrade (Drupal 6.10 to Drupal 6.11) the steps are:

  1. download the new version
  2. extract it
  3. 'diff' this version to the previous version, so I know what's going on
  4. In this case 6.10->6.11, an overwrite would do
  5. I removed the .htaccess, sites folder and robots.txt from the extracted new version, and made a new compressed file (zip,tar, etc.) from the new version without those files (I checked that they had not changed in [3]).
  6. upload the newly created compressed file with the new drupal version (6.11) to the drupal folder of the site to be updated
  7. extract the new drupal version
  8. run update.php
  9. check the status report and site working

For the multi-sites I just keep logging in and performing [8] and [9] after the initial update.

If any of the above items above aren't familiar to you, please follow the instructions from the release announcement.

If you don't have the inclination, or don't know what this is all about, just have someone do it for you.

Only you know your install, and when unsure, make a backup of your database and drupal folder before proceeding.

If you are NOT doing the upgrade and NOT patching but applying the security fix manually:

As always you should pay close attention to special modifications in themes and modules that were made on your installation.

In this upgrade the themes have changed, so you must perform the "SA-CORE-2009-005 - Drupal core - Cross site scripting" fix manually or with a patch to all your themes.

This means you have to manually change or patch all themes in your Drupal installation.

From the security announcement: As an alternate solution if you are unable to upgrade immediately, you can alter your page template following the pattern in the core changes. Open your theme's main page.tpl.php file as well as any other page templates like page-node.tpl.php or page-front.tpl.php and move the line that is printing $head (<?php print $head ?>) above line with the <title> tag, so that it is the first item after the <head>.

@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
 <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="<?php print $language->language ?>" lang="<?php print $language->language ?>" dir="<?php print $language->dir ?>">
-    <title><?php print $head_title ?></title>
     <?php print $head ?>
+    <title><?php print $head_title ?></title>
     <?php print $styles ?>
     <?php print $scripts ?>
     <!--[if lt IE 7]>


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